Changing Plans – Tunisia off the Table for 2015

I am recently engaged.  On our last trip (in Istanbul, Turkey and the South Caucasian nations of Georgia and Armenia), I proposed to my soon to be husband David.  What’s more exciting about the marriage and party, however, is clearly the honeymoon.  I’ve never been one to care at all about the romantic implications of a wedding ceremony, and have certainly been to enough of them to know what I do and don’t like, and so David and I have used travel as an excuse to not really have a wedding ceremony at all – instead we’re putting some of that dough toward the honeymoon of our dreams and a lot toward paying down the principal owed on our house.

Sidi Bou Said by
Sidi Bou Said, just north of Tunis, is captivating with its various shades of blue – by

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