Hanoi, Vietnam, without Plans

I’ll be honest with you, I was a bit afraid of Hanoi before we went there.  Most of what I’d heard about the city was contrary to our travel style: it’s busy, disorganized, full of scammers, loud, etc.  I’ve had friends travel there that have absolutely hated it, but also friends that absolutely loved it.  I was worried that, after three days relaxing in Luang Prabang, Laos, Hanoi’s energy would be too much for us.dsc_0849-2 dsc_0886

As luck would have it, when you have a bar set pretty low for a place, the conditions are set for it to really knock it out of the park.  And while I’m not sure my opinion of Hanoi would be the same if we’d been there a full week instead of a mere 48 hours, I’m glad we spent the time we did in Hanoi rather than skip it altogether. Read more

A Hanoi Shopping Guide: Coffee and Propaganda!

Prior to starting our 2016 Southeast Asia trip, I had thought to myself, “Surely we won’t be bringing a lot of kitsch home from this trip – what will there be to entice us?”  I had spent time Southeast Asia in the past (though, fairly, primarily in Thailand), and thought I wouldn’t be bringing home Beer Chang tank tops and flowy backpacker pants…so what else was there?  Dried Durian certainly didn’t make the list.DSC_0848 DSC_0834 (2)

But as travel often does, it takes your assumptions and proceeds to whip you in the ass with them.  Not only did we fill a bag with gifts before even entering Vietnam, the third nation of our trip, but we ended up having to buy another bag to porter our things from the mere 48 hours we spent in the nation’s capital of Hanoi. #consumerism Read more